Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Privacy Policy

CreditSense Solutions, under the leadership of the business owner Nikita J. Coy, is committed to protecting the customer’s personal information and complying with privacy and privacy principles. We understand that information security is an important factor in building trust and creating a safe environment for customers to use our services.

Here are the main points in our privacy policy:

1. Protect personal information:

We are committed to protecting customers’ personal information, including name, address, phone number, email address and financial information. We only use this information to provide services and support related to our products and solutions. We do not share this personal information with any third party without the customer’s clear consent.

2. Data security:

We apply appropriate security measures to ensure personal information and customer data. We use advanced security technologies and methods to prevent unauthorized access, data loss and wrong use. We maintain a safe environment and use data protection measures such as encryption, access control and risk management.

3. Use information:

We use customer and data information only for the purpose of providing services and improving customer experience. We do not use customer personal information for marketing purposes or sharing this information with third parties without customer consent.

4. Compliance with legal provisions:

We comply with the rules and rules of data security applicable to current laws. We update our privacy policy to ensure compliance with the latest regulations and always improve the security process as legal requirements.

5. Contact and support:

If customers have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact the business owner Nikita J. Coy via phone number 716-471-8161 or email to the Geography Only nikitajcoy@jourrapide.com. We are always willing to answer all questions and ensure that the personal information of customers is reliable protected according to the regulations and rules of security.

CreditSense Solutions is committed to ensuring security and privacy of customers. We always strive to meet the highest standards in the field of information security and comply with relevant laws.